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Birding in Iberia Parish

Roseate spoonbill Iberia Parish

Download the Iberia birds checklist and check out our South Louisiana Birding Guide.

Louisiana's coast in Iberia Parish around New Iberia has the perfect combination of wetlands, seed and soil to welcome rare and beautiful birds into its shoreland. The warm temperatures and location within the southern migratory flyway, means more than 240 species have been documented here.

Waterfowl are especially plentiful with many varieties of ducks, along with such descriptively-named birds as the roseate spoonbill and snowy egret. In the moss-draped swamps, majestic eagles build their nests high up in the Cypress tree branches and linger in a circular pattern before swooping down on their prey.

Diverse and plentiful, we recommend you bring your list and gear, to capture an image of these beautiful creatures. In fact, ebird has a list of citizen submissions where you can track your sightings and compare with other birders.  

We also have this list of local birds, from Michael J. Musumeche, M.S., Ornithology, to get you started.

Snowy Egret Iberia Parish

Birds are so welcome here, a city has been created for them - bird city in the Jungle Gardens of Avery Island. The America's Wetland Birding Trail's Atchafalaya Loop features many birds within Iberia's boundaries, noting especially, the birds which congregate in the great old oaks as well as the wetlands. Rip's Rookery at Rip Van Winkle Gardens of Jefferson Island features three acres of birding paradise. Click here for other birding locations within our list of things to do during your stay.

Maybe it's the food and warm climate - much as their traveling human counterparts, or maybe it's just the warm welcome, but birds (and birders) of all walks of life enjoy their time savoring Iberia Parish. We invite you to visit.