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Why Visit Isle of Iberia

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By: Brittany Racca 

Interviewee: Katie Landry, Iberia Parish Parks & Recreation Director.

Wondering where to stay in Iberia Parish this summer? Well, the parish has always had numerous islands, and now there’s another. The Isle of Iberia RV Resort recently celebrated its grand re-opening under the Iberia Parish Parks & Recreation department as the newest Louisiana camping site in Iberia.

If only one word can describe the new Isle of Iberia, it's optimism. The Isle’s new management team has been hard at work to turn the park into a community hangout as well as a top lodging facility for the parish. The atmosphere among the staff and the campers is one of excitement and just plain ol’ happiness when you visit the RV resort.

I talked with Katie Landry, Iberia Parish Parks & Recreation and Isle of Iberia RV ResortDirector, to find out all about the new park.

Iberia Parish Recreation Department senior staff and Isle of Iberia staff: from left, Tammy Trahan, Lisa Francis, Michelle Davidson, Taylor Bernard, Debra Savoie, Katie Landry (Director), Crystal Toups, Kalyn Landry, Shelia Stein, Jamacia Miller and Adrienne Camacho

Question:> Why the name Isle of Iberia?

Answer: The Iberia Parish CVB suggested it to us and it was the name everyone in and out of our office kept coming back to in all of the tests we ran when making the decision. Iberia Parish has many islands including Avery and Jefferson and we wanted to make this another one. It brings a touch of traditional island life to our Cajun country islands. Plus, it's really fun to say "I'm heading to the Isle" when we go to work.

Q: How will being a Parks and Recreation department help you in your work to make the Isle successful?
A: Parks and Recreation has administration and maintenance personnel in place as well as standard operating procedures, which will provide for operations to run smoothly.

Q: Why should visitors stay at the Isle? What makes it different from other campground experiences in Acadiana?
A: The Isle has a lot of amenities for every kind of RVer. We have the pool features including a lazy river and splash pad as well as weekend activities. We are in close proximity to many well known local attractions and restaurants and hope to partner with them in some way in the future. We also strive to make the camping experience fun and enjoyable for everyone. Our staff is knowledgeable about the local area and they are committed to excellent customer service.

Q: What programs do you foresee the Isle offering for campers and locals?
A: Both campers and locals will be offered numerous activities and programs. Our campers will enjoy water and land activities and will also be able to enjoy our water fitness classes. Locals will be offered the opportunity to participate in weekly swim lessons, wellness classes and swimming.

Q: Do you have plans to attract RV rallies?
A: We have actually hosted several rallies this year and have at least two more booked for this fall. When organizations are interested, we offer special rates as well as meeting facilities and can also assist in planning local tours and food options if they need. We want to make their trip here memorable and have them return to not only the park, but the area as well.

Q: What do you predict will be the RV resort’s busy season?
A: Summer is gearing up to be very busy. We are currently at 98% capacity for Memorial Day weekend, and we have scheduled a fun filled summer with activities for the kids, wellness programs and musical acts. It’s going to be a great time for everyone who attends.

Q: Do you currently have specialty sites?
A: Yes. We have four buddy sites right now, which allow for groups to camp together. Our future plans include the addition of three more so there are a few more options for campers. We also plan to add tent sites and patio additions to our premium sites.

Q: Any special/signature cocktails?
A: Our new TropiCajun Bar has many delicious drinks to try on those hot summer days. The "TropiCajun" drink is tasty, however “The Blue Bayou” a blue rum concoction is the fan favorite.

Q: What are your plans for the future of the Isle of Iberia?
A: The future possibilities are endless. Site improvements are a priority as mentioned before, as well as continued improvements to the reservation process. We want to make it a seamless process for visitors when they check in. Bringing cable TV to the resort is also planned. We also have a high demand for cabins, and we will definitely consider them in the future.

Q: Parting words for our readers?
A: Iberia Parish as a whole has so much to offer the day tripper or the traveling tourist and the Isle of Iberia has a little of everything. Tasty food, great music and good times with family and friends - it’s what makes this area so special. So, we invite everyone to come join us and “Relax, Recharge & Repeat” at the Isle of Iberia.

For more information or to make your reservation, visit and connect with them on Facebook.

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